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Bivvies – Fishing Bivvy Deals & Reviews

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Welcome to Compare Bivvies, the premier fishing bivvy comparison website on the internet. We compare, review and find you the best deals on fishing bivvies from all the leading manufacturers including Trakker, Fox, Nash, JRC, Daiwa, Chub, Greys, Aqua, Prologic & TF Gear. Check out our Bivvy Guide for tips on what to look for in a bivvy and which model may suit you best. If you have owned any of the bivvies on our site please feel free to submit a review or vote for your favourite using the star ratings on each page.


If you are a bivvy dealer or manufacturer and wish to advertise your range on this site please feel free to contact us for more information.

What to look for in a bivvy: Fishing bivvies now come in many different designs including pop-up bivvies, traditional dome style tents with threaded pole systems, umbrella type shelters and the more recent pram hood style bivvies. You first need to consider what type will suit your fishing best. Do you fish mainly day sessions and quick overnighters, weekends or longer sessions, and do you fish all year round or just the spring-autumn?

If the answer is spring to autumn overnighters then maybe an umbrella type shelter will suffice as they will be lightweight and quick to put up and take down, you can purchase an additional overwrap with a door if the weather gets too bad. If you fish weekends or longer sessions and also through the winter then a pram hood style bivvy will probably be a better option as they are more stable, faster to erect than a dome tent and will you will get less condensation when it gets cold as most come with a winter skin. These bivvies are heavier than brollies but you can be sure you will not get blown away if the weather gets bad. If you fish weeks at home or abroad or wish to take a guest then you may want to consider a two man bivvy so you can fit in lots of extra kit, bait and cooking equipment. If you need a hand deciding on which bivvy is right for you contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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